About Us



We are mobile application developers in the North East of England.

We’ve designed, developed & published apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows Phone and Android.

We’ve done a couple of Facebook apps, the occasional web app and we’ve even published one of our applications on the Kindle.

We have worked on a significant number of mobile projects for other digital agencies for diverse range of clients across a wide variety of sectors.

Please note, we are NOT accepting any new commissions at this time. Sorry about that. 


However, if you’re just looking for a daily dose of tech related news, start up hints & tips, Star Wars trivia and Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad chatter (interspersed with a healthy dose of lolcats), you can always follow us on Twitter:

Finally, if you’re looking for fresh UX/UI or general app design related inspiration you’ll also find The App Chaps on Pinterest

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